Supporting children and young people in Hawke’s Bay who have been directly impacted by Cyclone Gabrielle

The Hawke’s Bay Children’s Holding Trust is working on coordinating a ‘Places to Play in the Hawke’s Bay’ booklet project for children and young people directly impacted by Cyclone Gabrielle.

This booklet intends to highlight six places in the Hawke’s Bay for children and whānau to visit, along with a voucher for something to eat or drink at a place nearby. The vouchers will be valid until 1st December 2023. We plan to distribute these brochures directly through agencies who work with impacted whānau.

We hope that this opportunity does the following:

  • Informs whānau of safe and free places in the Hawke’s Bay where children can play since Cyclone Gabrielle
  • Encourages whānau to visit these places – something fun and positive in all the seriousness of getting back to normal after a cyclone
  • Reminds people how awesome it is to live in the Hawke’s Bay
  • Gives some small locally run businesses a bit of guaranteed income
  • Enables some big businesses to manaakitanga some of our unique small local food/drink outlets, particularly since tourism will be affected again
  • Enable some big businesses to give back to their local communities

If you would like more information about contributing to this project, please click the link below and leave us your details. We will be back in touch within a couple of days.

We intend to include the logos of businesses who contribute $1,000 or more. Alternatively, anonymous contributions are welcome.

By assisting us with building our equity you will be supporting our ability to give back to the children and young people in Hawke’s Bay.

Our structure is a charity, and all of the Trustees are volunteers. This means that the vast majority of the revenue we generate through our investments is returned directly to the community.

Please get in touch if you would like to discuss ways in which you can financially assist us with our vision.